Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling + Frame Kit

Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling + Frame Kit

Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling + Frame Kit

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Hungry for a night of serious fucking and fisting? Get everything you need in this combo kit featuring our Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling. It’s an instant mobile playroom in a bag! And you’ll save big bucks too.

Choose either:

Classic Model X Porta Sling Frame
Tall Model X Porta Sling Frame

In addition, you get:

• Mega Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling
Matching Leather Stirrups
Chains and Carabiners Package
Travel/Storage Bag

Everything packs easily in the bag with room leftover for some lube and a couple toys. Because we make it all ourselves, you’ll get it super fast!

Save $72 on the kit. (Even more if you upgrade to the Tall Frame.)

Wanna really trick it out? Customize it with your favorite accessories.

Read on to learn more, or select your frame size and add the combo to your cart now.



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Customize It!

A complete sling play kit in a bag, plus you save big bucks. Hell yeah!

When you’re horny for heavy hole play, you want everything you need right at hand. Our complete kits feature your choice of Model X Porta Sling Frame, a premium sling with matching stirrups, plus the accessories you need to hang and store everything.

Rocket from bedroom to playroom in five minutes! (Want proof? Check out our Assembly Video.)

Here’s what you get in this kit:

Model X Classic or Tall Sling Frame

The most popular sling frame ever, now even stronger, tighter and steadier.

Learn more:


Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling

Our classic latigo leather sling, with a hot cut-out that thrusts your ass front and center!


Leather Stirrups

Matching latigo leather stirrups, built to last a lifetime.


Chains and Carabiners Package

Handy set of chains and carabiners selected and sized to complement our frames.


Sling Frame Bag

A rugged canvas bag that’s perfect for carrying and storing your whole kit.


JimSupport Sling Frame Kit with Mega-Thrust Cut-Out Leather Sling, Leather Stirrups, Chain Kit and Bag

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  1. I bought this as a surprise xmas gift for my husband and now 2020 is off to an amazing start!

  2. This has been absolutely AMAZING…for me and my husband. We love it and so do our friends!

  3. These slings are great and almost indestructible!

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