Sling Frame Mirror

Watch your hole getting worked!


Key Info

Watching your hole getting worked is so crazy cool! It’s like being in a live porno with you as the star.

But if you’ve ever tried to attach a regular mirror to your frame, you know how unstable (and dangerous!) that can be.

Our convex acrylic mirror captures your whole scene, but fastens tightly, won’t break and stays out of your top’s way.

The mounting bracket clamps to any part of your frame, even posts. The mirror can be oriented in any direction (up, down & sideways) and adjusts easily to give you the perfect view. It’s super hot!


  • Crystal-Clear Optical Reflectivity.
  • Shatter-Free Acrylic.
  • Black Plastic Backing.
  • Custom Mounting Bracket.
  • 18 Inch Diameter.
  • Weighs Only 3 Pounds.

To install, just slide over any crossbar or post and tighten the knob.

Fits all JimSupport sling frames, and many others too.


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