Slings and Stirrups

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Serious hole play starts with a great sling.
Ass out and piggy. Gruntin’ and rockin’. Sex in a sling is just the best! We make a huge collection of tough, durable slings and sling boards, plus all the accessories to go with them. Check out our whole lineup. Don’t forget that many are included in our money-saving sling and frame Combo Kits.

How to Buy:

Select Your Sling

Choose your ride. From canvas to leather, or even a heavy-duty sling board, we’ve got you covered.

Don't Forget the Stirrups!

Pick a pair that match your sling, or mix it up. Or add restraints for extra kink. With his ass out and legs up, you’re ready to play!

Add Accessories

Need chains or a pillow? We’ve got those too.

Slings and Sling Boards

From basic to deluxe, canvas to leather, we offer a great variety of sex slings. And we make them all ourselves.


Choose a pair that match your sling, or mix it up.


Sling restraints add a whole new level of submission and focus to your hole play.


Pillows and chain kits for comfort and convenience.