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  • Our slings come from JimSupport.com, which we highly recommend for their robust engineering, ease of assembly (12 minutes with only one person) and portability. We liked them so much we have two! Plus great service, and lightning fast delivery. You’ll be in yours sooner than Singapore Post takes to deliver the local mail (serious).

  • I am super happy with the portable sling I bought from you guys!

  • I just wanted to say thank you for building the perfect rim chair. I really like that it’s adjustable! I travel with it all the time and have spent many happy hours under it – Thanks!!

  • I love my JimSupport sling. Takes a room from zero to kinky in under 3 minutes!

  • I love my Porta Sling. It is 10 years old & going strong!!

    Peter F
  • Just got the new sling frame from the awesome dudes at JimSupport. You DenLA dudes are going to have a good ride! Amazing customer support. Quality and the best price too.

  • Your rim seats changed my life. Keep it up! OINK.

  • If you haven’t already tried out a Fuck Bench then you’re missing out on a lot. Nothing feels better than putting your ass up on a sex altar to be used.

  • I ordered and have used the JimSupport sling frame and nylon sling back when they were first constructed.   I must say it was well worth the expense and I certainly have had many hours of pleasure using the product.

    They get the AAAAA+ rating from me and the friends I have accommodated.

  • I love my Porta Sling. Its timeless industrial look, no nonsense assembly, cleanup, and teardown, and the the amazing quality make this the best dollar for play purchase I’ve made.

    Erik W
  • It’s the best rim seat available!

  • I strongly endorse JimSupport products. I have the T-Leg Rim Seat and the Tall Sling Frame with a sling and mounting-points for restraints. They’re built like a battleship, yet easily disassemble into canvas bags for transportation. They’re dungeon treasures that will last for generations!

    Papa Tony
  • JimSupport wins hands down! I own 15 of them. A couple of them are over 10 years old and still going strong. I’ve used them for Fist Fest since 2011 and Hell Hole parties since 2008. They have withstood thousands of uses and are as good as new. And because they make everything themselves, if you ever lose a part or something does go wrong, it is easy to get a replacement.

    Larry SFist Fest
  • We set the sling up last night which was easy and fast.  I have to say, your slings are AWESOME!  We’ve never had to reapply silicone lube as many times as we did last night due to the long period of time the sling was occupied (and it was just myself and my partner).  This sling is going to get a lot of use…

    Thanks for a great product!

    Steve W

Our Service

  • Thanks for the honest answer and quick reply.  I’ve gone ahead and placed an order for a beefy frame and attachment bar. Your excellent customer service was part of my decision to go with your product over your competitors.

  • My order was delivered by UPS today.  I must say that you all provide the best service out there.  You can rest assured that my future business will definitely be with the Fetish Locker, Inc.  Have already had my first experience with your equipment, and it was absolutely fantastic!  I shall always be thankful for Fetish Locker, and the fun and excitement that you all have made possible for me. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks very much for getting all this arranged… UPS worked very well; they phoned its arrival on Wednesday and kept it until Saturday when I picked it up.  I arrived home on Saturday, put it together Sunday and it was warmly received.  Very warmly received.

    Thanks very much… I think we’ll see years of good use.  The taller option, cut out sling and stronger stirrups were great choices.

  • Thank you.  Great customer service!!! I’ll be ordering more.

  • Everything arrived in perfect condition. That was fast! Thank you for the excellent service.

    PeterThe Netherlands
  • Fantastic guys! Just received my sling frame in Brisbane Australia 5 days after I ordered it online. Great service, awesome product.

  • I’m very impressed by your expedient service and even more impressed by the excellent build quality of your product. Thank you so much!