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    JimSupport Classic Rim Seat
    JimSupport Classic Rim Seat, Leg Detail

    Classic Rim Seat

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    [sf_iconbox image="sf-im-gift-box" character="" color="standard" type="standard-title" title="Free Gift With Purchase" link="" target="_self" animation="none" animation_delay="200" bg_color="#f7f7f7" class="sale-box"] Get a free Canvas Rim Seat Carrier Bag with your purchase ($25 value!). Just click "Add A Bag" and your savings will be automatically applied. [/sf_iconbox] Our original, Classic Rim Seat. Now adjustable! Four rubber-tipped legs give this seat rock-solid stability. At the original 13-inch height, you have to work a little to get at his hole. Pop the pins to 10 inches and you're smothered by it. It's awesome, whether you're on the top or the bottom! Only 8 inches high when you break it down, making it easy to stash under the bed when you're done. Kit it out by adding our custom Canvas Rim Seat Carrier Bag. Save 60% on the bag when you buy it along with the seat. More details below. Or just select your product version and stick it in your cart now!
    $159.00$169.00 $159.00
    5 out of 5
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    JimSupport Padded Canvas Sling and Frame Kit, View From Front
    JimSupport Padded Canvas Sling and Frame Kit, View From Above

    ‘Comfort Master’ Padded Canvas Sling + Frame Kit

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    [sf_iconbox image="sf-im-clock" character="" color="standard" type="standard-title" title="Limited Time Only" link="" target="_self" animation="none" animation_delay="200" bg_color="#f7f7f7" class="sale-box"]Get this Combo Kit featuring our best-selling Comfort Master Padded Sling for $116 less than if you purchased the items separately. (Even more if you upgrade to the tall frame.) It's our very best buy! [/sf_iconbox] Hungry for a night of serious fucking and fisting? Get everything you need in this combo kit featuring our awesome 'Comfort Master' Padded Canvas Sling. It's an instant playroom! And you'll save big bucks too. Choose either: • Classic Model X Porta Sling FrameTall Model X Porta Sling Frame In addition, you get: • 'Comfort Master' Padded Canvas Sling • Nylon StirrupsChains and Hooks PackageTravel/Storage Bag The sling frame and accessories pack easily in the bag with room leftover for some lube and toys. Carry and store your padded sling separately. Wanna really trick it out? Customize it with your favorite accessories. Read on to learn more, or select your frame size and add the combo to your cart now.
    $430.00$455.00 $399.00$429.00
    5 out of 5
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    Sport Fucker Shower Shot Kit
    Sport Fucker Shower Shot Kit, Nozzle
    $49.00 $44.00

    Sport Fucker Shower Shot Kit

    It’s our favorite pighole cleaning kit, ‘cuz everything in it is top of the line. Here’s what you get: Custom made six-foot stainless steel hose. Heavy-duty. Water-tight. Puts the others to shame. No-leak, all-metal shower diverter (again, 100% stainless steel). 9 inch black Sport Fucker Locker Room Hose. Made of super-flexible pure platinum silicone that’s dishwasher-safe, sterilizable and impervious to any lube. It gets deep and curves with you so that your cleanout is quicker and more comfortable. Also includes a ballistic nylon storage bag. Take it with you when you travel! Douche like a pro with a real shower shot.
    $49.00 $44.00
    $49.00 $44.00


We build hardcore steel play equipment that assembles fast when you’re horny and stores away easily when you’re not. Because you don’t have to own a dungeon to play like you do.

Always in Stock

Our core items are always in stock. (And we usually have everything else, too!) Because we make everything ourselves, we specialize in having what you want when you’re ready to play.

Speedy Turnaround

Nobody likes to wait, so we get most orders out the door the next business day. We want your shopping to be fast, worry-free and fun. Our shopping guide tells all.

Honest Shipping

We charge you exactly what we pay to get your order to your destination, worldwide. And we never charge your credit card until we make sure that we’ve gotten you the lowest possible price.




  • Just got the new sling frame from the awesome dudes at JimSupport. You DenLA dudes are going to have a good ride! Amazing customer support. Quality and the best price too.
  • Highly recommended for robust engineering, ease of assembly and portability. Plus great service and lightning fast delivery!
  • I love my JimSupport sling. Takes a room from zero to kinky in under 3 minutes!
  • I have to say, your slings are AWESOME!  We've never had to reapply the lube as many times as we did last night because of how long we were in it. And it was just me and my partner!
  • You can count on us for very positive word-of-mouth advertising every chance we get. And we’ll be back whenever we need more “gym” supplies!
    Scotty and George
  • Your excellent customer service was part of my decision to go with your product over your competitors.
    John J


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