Model X Sling Frame – Classic Size

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The classic Porta Sling Frame you’ve known for years, rebuilt from the inside out for a new generation of jaw-dropping fucking, fisting and even suspension bondage.

Get the frame by itself, or add a Carrier/Storage Bag for only $20 more. (Save $19!)



Key Info

The classic Porta Sling Frame you’ve known for years, rebuilt from the inside out for a new generation of jaw-dropping fucking, fisting and even suspension bondage.

Create an instant playroom virtually anywhere!

What’s new:

  • New ‘X’ stabilizer for industry-leading stability.
  • Tighter fitting joints.
  • Refined horizontal bracing.
  • Increased overall rigidity.

What’s the same:

  • Strong and sturdy galvanized pipe and welded steel components.
  • Assembles in minutes with no tools or fasteners. (Check out our Assembly Video.)
  • Compact 4 x 5 feet footprint.
  • 72 inches tall.
  • Holds up to 350 pounds.
  • True portability and easy storage.
  • Also available in a tall size for tops who prefer more height.

Slings and accessories sold separately. A wide variety sling + frame combo kits are available too.

Drill his ass, not your ceiling.

Playing ass-out in a sling just makes you feel piggier. And it's way more fun! But what if you can't hang a sling at your place, or you want to be able to move it around? That's what sling frames are for.

In 1999, we set out to invent a hardcore frame that was seriously sturdy, assembled fast, and easily stowed away till the next time you were ready to play. Inspired by scaffolding, construction fencing, and the rugged men who use them, we created the Porta-Sling—the world’s first all-steel sling frame for jaw-dropping fucking, fisting and even suspension bondage.

Today it's the most popular sling frame anywhere.

Introducing Model X

After 15 years of continuous improvement, we’re proud to introduce our new Model X Porta-Sling. It may look like the original one, but we’ve totally re-engineered it from the inside out to make it even better! A new 'X' stabilizer for industry-leading stability, tighter fitting joints, and refined horizontal bracing all combine to give you the sickest ride ever. Plus you can still assemble it and take it apart in under five minutes. (Want proof? Check out our Assembly Video.)

Sturdier than “rock-steady”? You bet!

Other companies say their sling stands are rock-steady, but our Model X frame beats them all.  Not only is it more rigid when you first build it, but thanks to our pig engineering it becomes even more solid once you climb aboard. Even on uneven floors!

We haven’t taken out all the sway, though.

When your pounding gets tough, Model X begins to rock! Smoothly—just a little—but enough to amplify the sensations of your sling's movement in a mind-blowing way! It’s a feeling you’re gonna love, and we've been building it into the ride of every Porta-Sling since day one.



Hardcore Construction

Made of galvanized metal tubing and other steel components that are welded together by real pigs in our very own factory. We use them ourselves, so we build them tough for a lifetime of serious play.

At Home in Your Home

Equally at home in a contemporary apartment or a sleazy dungeon. The exposed welds, raw metal and silver sprayed joints are masculine, industrial and beautiful.

Easy to Assemble

It only takes five minutes to set up and tear down your new frame. No tools required. And no matter how hard you play, the parts always fit together and come apart easily, like quality equipment should.


Designed for easy storage, carrying and reassembly. Fits compactly under the bed or in a closet. Scored some hot hole play on the go? Throw it in your trunk. Our rugged carrying/storage bag makes it simple.

Durable Finish

Our galvanized pipes resist rust naturally, plus the zinc-dipped coating can’t chip or flake off. The variegated finish disguises your greasy paw prints, stands up to any lube and cleans up easily too.

Space Saving Design

Needs only four feet by five feet of floor space and six feet of head room when assembled. You can fit it almost anywhere, even a walk-in closet!

Pig Engineered

Because we’re pigs too, we make products that work for how you play. Ingenuity, durability, portability, physics and economy are all trademarks of our unique design-build process. Read about it here.

Customize It!

Select from a ton of accessories, including mirrors, lube/towel/toy holders and more, so you can create a frame package unique to how you play. We sell slings and money-saving sling + frame combo kits too.


  • Sturdy, strong, all-welded steel design.
  • New Model X Super Stabilizer Cross.
  • Assembles in minutes with no tools. (Check out our Assembly Video.)
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel components.
  • Four EZ Hang Sling Hooks.
  • Non-skid rubber-tipped legs.
  • 57 inches long x 45 inches wide x 72 inches high.
  • 36 inches long x 10 inches wide x 10 inches high when dissembled.
  • Weighs 42 pounds.
  • Carries 350 pounds
  • Nylon Storage/Carrier Bag available.

Customize It!

Select from a ton of accessories, including mirrors, lube/towel/toy holders and more, so you can create a frame package unique to how you play. We sell slings and money-saving sling + frame combo kits too.

9 reviews for Model X Sling Frame - Classic Size

  1. Dick Wadd Media (

    We have six JimSupport sling stands and they’ve stood the test of time. Over the years, they’ve been rocked, battered, banged, sun beaten, drenched in man fluids and lube by hundreds of pigs, and they still look and perform great. Seriously. We give them the Dick Wadd seal of approval.

  2. Steve

    We set the sling up last night which was easy and fast. I have to say…your slings are AWESOME! We’ve never had to reapply silicone lube as many times as we did last night due to the long period of time the sling was occupied (and it was just myself and my partner). This sling is going to get a lot of use… Thanks for a great product….!

  3. Erik W

    I love my portasling. Its timeless industrial look, no nonsense assembly, cleanup, and teardown, and the the amazing quality make this the best dollar for play purchase I’ve made.

  4. Pete

    Best investment in furniture we ever made, and the quality is fantastic–quality construction–it has already proven itself. Your customers should know that anytime you mention you have a sling set up, guys get ALL excited and it’s a real conversation piece. It’s kinda like unwrapping a party–who knew?! Anyhow, love the setup, and so do our friends. Thanks for offering these for purchase.

  5. Cassidy

    Me and my buddy spent 7 hours in it last night !! Amazing thing this sling is !! #WellDone and #WellBuilt !!

  6. Don D

    We’ve been using a sling from these guys for many years. Great quality and construction. Never have had a problem with it. We take it to Smokeout every year and it’s always filled.

  7. Richard C

    You guys are sooooo awesome. I cannot sum the Hours/Days of immense pleasure you help facilitate in the world. The mere fact that my kit is exactly 49 lbs – 1 checked bag on any airline – makes your product indispensable. What we ever did we do before you? My gratitude is immense.

  8. richardbmelnick (verified owner)

    I typically don’t write reviews. Most often others have already said what I would have. In this case, I decided to leave a review for several reasons:

    1. It’s been a while since someone posted a review for the Model X Sling Frame. I like reading current reviews for products I’m considering purchasing.
    2. My experience was top notch (pun possibly intended).
    3. Perusing the web for a sling stand you realize quickly that it’s a niche market, a very small one. I don’t like small ones. Ever.

    I looked at sling frames from several other vendors and my overriding reaction was that most were poorly engineered and, thus, overpriced. I was impressed that JimSupport has tinkered with the design of the Model X Sling Frame to continually improve it. This speaks well to their commitment to both a quality product and a satisfied customer. Knowing that the frame is made in-house by people who actually use them is also important.

    I purchased the stand several days ago. Within two hours I received notification that it was ready to ship the same day with a tracking number. It arrived well-packed and was easy to put together without assistance. It’s well-thought out from the X-bar top and bottom to the rubber feet to both stabilize and not ruin your floor. It has some give, which you want. With the additional weight of your sling, it’s a sturdy, well-engineered piece of equipment.

    I’m certain I’ll be using this years down the road knowing that it was a very good investment. If you’re on the fence about purchasing this, don’t be. Bit the bullet, or something, and just get it. You’ll be the envy of all of your piggy friends.

  9. Dirk Beach-Barrow

    I purchased my Sling Frame and Sling in 2002, and I’ve never been more satisfied with ANY product I’ve ever purchased. The quality of construction and materials used is without equal, and the price is more than reasonable for the quality, convenience, and portability of the Sling Frame. I only made two minor modifications: the substitution of Motorcycle Tie-Downs and/or Bungee Cords for Chains, using colored electrical tape at the joints to make it easier and faster to assemble, and bundling the component groups with Bungee Cords. I could not recommend the JM Support Model X Sling more than to say, “Buy It! You’ll thank yourself for the rest of your life!”

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