Sling Frame Bag

A rugged nylon bag that's perfect for carrying and storing your Classic or Tall Model X sling frame.


Key Info

A rugged nylon bag that’s perfect for carrying and storing your Model X sling frame.

Built from pig-tested, heavy-duty components:

  • Premium Heavyweight Rubber Coated Nylon Fabric.
  • Double-Stitched Nylon Seat Belt Straps.
  • Black Industrial Luggage Case Zipper.

Provides handy, discrete transport and storage for your frame, plus lightweight slings and chains. There’s even room for lube and toys!

Dimensions: 10 inches wide x 41 inches long x 10 inches tall.

Fits both our Classic and Tall Model X frames. (Does not fit our Beefy Frame.)

Get your bag for only $10 when you purchase it with your frame. Select the “Add A Bag” option on either the Classic or Tall Model X order page.


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