Sling Chain and Carabiners Package

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Set of four chains and six carabiners, perfect for hanging your sling and stirrups in your frame. Our medium-gauge chain lightens your load so that it’s easier to haul your equipment.

Each chain is 46 inches long and carries 400 pounds. You’d need 1600 pounds of pig to drop your sling!

Hang the chains from your frame’s four built-in hooks. Use four of the carabiners to hang your sling on the chain. Use the other two carabiners for your stirrups.

This chain and carabiners package is included in all of our sling + frame combo kits.

1 review for Sling Chain and Carabiners Package

  1. John

    6 hooks may be great but the kit REALLY should have 8 S-hooks. Had to hit the ‘big box’ store to pickup a few more to get my wrist restraints mounted.

    • JimSupport

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ve decided to include hooks with all wrist restraints from now on to resolve this issue.

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