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They’re not just fuck benches. They’re everything benches. 
Fuck him. Fist him. Rim him. Spank him. Rope him.

Doggie style or on his back. On the ground or suspended in the air.

Get a whole playroom in one of our rugged devices.

How to Buy:

Select a Style

Choose either our table or adjustable models.

Consider a Conversion Kit

Change your bench from free-standing to hanging (or vice versa) when you want a new experience.

Customize It!

Choose the add-ons you want to make your bench even more fun. Save money when you buy an adjustable model in a combo kit.

Bench Styles

Choose from either our table or adjustable models. Both free-standing benches can be converted to hanging versions with a suspension kit.
  • Adjustable Fuck Bench

  • Hanging Adjustable Fuck Bench With Head Rest

  • Fuck Table


Conversion Kits

Change your standing bench to a hanging one, or vice versa.
  • Fuck Bench Suspension Kit

  • Hanging to Free-Standing Fuck Bench Conversion Kit


Fuck Bench + Accessories Combos

Save on shipping when you order these popular add-ons with your adjustable fuck bench.
  • Fuck Bench Ultra Combo

  • Fuck Bench with Head Rest Combo

  • Fuck Bench with Leg Holders Combo


Fuck Bench Accessories

Customize it! These add-ons work with both our adjustable benches and fuck tables.
  • Fuck Bench Head Rest Attachment

  • Fuck Bench Leg Holder Attachments

  • Fuck Bench Head Rest + Leg Holder Attachments Kit

  • Fuck Bench Suspension Kit

  • Hanging to Free-Standing Fuck Bench Conversion Kit



The latest fuck bench stories from our blog.
New Fuck Bench Assembly Video

New Fuck Bench Assembly Video

Our buddies at Mr. S Leather have created this new Fuck Bench Assembly Video to show you just how easy it is to build our Adjustable Fuck Bench--both the standing and hanging versions. In four minutes you can build your own fuck-spank-fist-everything...

Credit: Header photo of vintage fuck bench from Fine Tuned Ass, courtesy HotHouse.com.