Regular Frame
Only  (no bag)
Regular Frame
with Bag
Canvas Sling Kit
Reg. $389.99
Tall  $ 399.99
CUT-OUT Leather Sling Kit
Reg. $554.95
Tall  $579.95
SOLID Leather
Sling Kit
Reg. $539.95
Tall  $564.95
Sling Board (Rigid Sling)
Kit with Nylon Stirrups
Reg. $469.99
Tall  $489.99
Padded Canvas Sling Kit

Regular: Now only $399!
Tall: Now only $429!
Tall Frame: $319.99
Tall Frame & Bag:
$ 329.99
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Sling Stands, Sling Frames & Sling Kits
The world's most popular portable sling frames, since 1999.
Basic Frames
Sling Frame Kits

All kits include a frame, sling, chains, hooks, stirrups and bag.
Personalize your kit by adding a mirror, pillows, lube/towel holder, bondage hooks or other accessories!
Canvas Sling Kit
Porta-Sling Padded Canvas Sling Frame Kit