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Get cleaned out, enhance your hardon and play safer with our play supplies. Endorsed by JimSupport for their exceptional quality and great performance.

  • $49.00

    Sport Fucker Shower Shot Kit

    It’s our favorite pighole cleaning kit, ‘cuz everything in it is top of the line. Here’s what you get: Custom made six-foot stainless steel hose. Heavy-duty. Water-tight. Puts the others to shame. No-leak, all-metal shower diverter (again, 100% stainless steel). 12 inch blue Sport Fucker Locker Room Hose. Made of super-flexible pure platinum silicone that’s dishwasher-safe, sterilizable and impervious to any lube. It gets deep and curves with you so that your cleanout is quicker and more comfortable. Also includes a ballistic nylon storage bag. Take it with you when you travel! Douche like a pro with a real shower shot.
  • Nighthawk Nitrile Glove Box
    Nighthawk Nitrile Glove

    Nighthawk Black Disposable Nitrile Gloves

    We love to play with NightHawk™ nitrile gloves because they're sexier and more slippery than old-fashioned latex ones. They're also used by all of our favorite tattoo artists. Nighthawk gloves are superior to other brands because they're not made with chemical accelerators. (Those are the harsh ingredients that make older PVC and TPR ass toys burn your butt. Youch!) Specifications: • Nitrile material eliminates allergic reactions to latex • Safe with any lube or grease • 4 mil thick x 9 1/2 long • Long enough to cover wrist area • Ambidextrous design • Slight / light textured fingertips • Difficult to puncture • Powder-free Each box contains 50 gloves. Get 'em a size smaller than you'd normally wear so that they're super tight and wrinkle-free.
  • Hotrod 5000 Bottle
    Hotrod 5000 Single

    Hotrod 5000

    Having a rock hard boner is awesome, especially when you're kickin' back in the sling and gettin' wrecked! Want a great hardon? Then you gotta try Hot Rod 5000. Guys love Hot Rod 5000 because it works. We know because we use it. And because guys buy it over and over again. One dose, thirty minutes and a little inspiration is all you need to get super boned—and it lasts for up to three days. Available in an economical bottle of ten capsules or a single serving blister pack. Shipping is free when you order it with other stuff. [highlight] Note: This product cannot be shipped outside the United States. [/highlight]