TitanMen’s newest feature is a fictional (?) day in the life at our very own JimSupport Factory!

It’s shot on location in our plant and at our sister store, Gear Leather & Fetish, and includes tons of our products. Now you can see real JimSupport furniture put through its paces by tough TitanMen and where it’s made. We couldn’t be prouder of this cool collaboration.


Film Description

Lie back, put your feet up and grab on to those chains—this is gonna be a fast and furious ride. A sex shop warehouse and its superior Sling leaves its playful employees and customers—including TitanMen exclusives Eddy CeeTee and Liam Knox—begging for more.

Deliveryman Adam Ramzi exchanges packages with warehouse worker Jason Vario, who finishes the stud off in a sling—a final facial coating the bottom’s beard.

Clean-cut jock Alex Mecum can’t keep his eyes off of blue-collar sling deliveryman Tex Davidson, their two huge cocks taking turns deep inside each other’s hungry holes.

Store manager Eddy CeeTee gets a glimpse of new designer Liam Knox at the factory, the two testing out the merchandise in a verbal flip fuck.

Scene 1:

Adam Ramzi has a package for warehouse stud Jason Vario, who tells the deliveryman that they make play gear. “Like for playgrounds?” asks Adam. “No,” laughs Jason, leading him to a sling. “Think a little more adult.” Jason deep throats Adam’s uncut cock, which bursts out of his uniform. Adam bends over for a kiss, beating the sucker’s pecs with his dick. Jason slides off his overalls to release his monster, Adam gasping for breath as he worships it. Jason whips it on the sucker’s face, Adam slapping Jason’s huge pecs. Adam sits on a rim seat, their cocks rock hard as Jason tongues the quivering stud’s hole. Adam sucks Jason as he gets eaten, then gets on all fours. Jason wraps his arm around the bottom, who grips it as he gets plowed (“It’s so fucking big!”). Adam straddles the sling as he gets it doggie style, then gets on his back—his cock bouncing as Jason thrusts inside him. Jason jacks Adam’s load out, then spurts on the bottom’s beard.

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