Recently Alexander “Beastly” Cheves penned a post for The Advocate entitled “36 Essential Items for Your First Gay Sex Dungeon.” We’re proud two say that two of our products made the list!

The first is our Adjustable Fuck Bench. Like us, Alexander points out the fuck benches aren’t just for fucking. “You can do a lot with a fuck bench – bondage, fisting, paddling, spanking and so on,” says Alex. That’s why he believes that they are a dungeon essential.

The second item on the list is our Sling Board With Adjustable Head Rest. As Alex says,

“Those of us devoted to the art and science of anal sex have a common problem with most slings – their softness. You crunch in them…

If you’re into fisting (another great use of a sling) you might find yourself wishing that your back and spine were straight, as if you were resting on a plank. This is impossible in a soft sling.”

He recommends rigid slings for when you want to lay flat on your back or get fucked doggy-style. And he selected ours as the best option!

We’re new to Alex’s writing, but we’ve explored some of his other work and we’re really impressed with his knowledge and kink positivity. He’s an interesting (and handsome) guy and we’re grateful that he included us in his list!

Read more of Alex’s great advice and essays at and on his blog, The Beastly Ex-Boyfriend.

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