Titanmen’s “Sling,” Scene 2

Titanmen’s “Sling,” Scene 2
May 30, 2017 JimSupport
Sling Scene 2, Featuring Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling + Frame Kit

Scene two of Sling, Titanmen’s fictional day in the life of JimSupport, has just been released! Tex Davidson plays the Gear Leather & Fetish delivery guy, who drops a sling off at Alex Mecum’s place.


Tex Davidson delivers a sling to Alex Mecum, the clean-cut jock staring at the blue-collar stud as they set it up. “Anything else I can do for you?” asks Tex, getting up close to the tall Alex as they rub each other’s bulges. Tex releases his huge cock, Alex smiling as he drops to his knees: “Fuck, you’re so big!” Tex fucks his face, repeatedly dick whipping the sucker’s eager mouth. Tex unzips Alex: “Damn, you got a big dick,” he says with his southern twang, turning his baseball cap around so he can suck it deep. Tex plants his bearded lips to the base, his own boner throbbing as he chokes on it. He pulls on Alex’s low hangers as he spits on it, the two soon 69ing. Tex gets his furry ass tongued, then sits down on the jock—his own massive cock slamming against the top’s tight abs (“Jesus!” Tex smiles as his ass muscles squeeze Alex’s shaft). Tex rams Alex from behind, the bottom gripping the sheets. Alex gets in the sling, stroking as Tex’s dick disappears inside him. The top dumps his big wad on Alex’s smooth sac, the bottom unleashing his load.



Shop Titanmen's Picks for This Scene

  • JimSupport Model X Classic Porta Sling Frame, View From Above
    Model X Classic Frame and Mega Thrust Cut Out Sling by JimSupport

    Model X Sling Frame – Classic Size

    , ,

    The classic Porta Sling Frame you’ve known for years, rebuilt from the inside out for a new generation of jaw-dropping fucking, fisting and even suspension bondage.

    Create an instant playroom virtually anywhere!

    What’s new:

    • New ‘X’ stabilizer for industry-leading stability.
    • Tighter fitting joints.
    • Refined horizontal bracing.
    • Increased overall rigidity.

    What’s the same:

    • Strong and sturdy galvanized pipe and welded steel components.
    • Assembles in minutes with no tools or fasteners. (Check out our Assembly Video.)
    • Compact 4′ x 5′ feet footprint.
    • Holds up to 350 pounds.
    • True portability and easy storage.
    • Also available in a tall size for tops who prefer more height.

    Get the frame by itself, or add a Carrier/Storage Bag for only $10 more. (Save $29!)

    Slings and accessories sold separately. A wide variety sling + frame combo kits are available too.

    Scroll down to learn more. Or just select your product version and stick it in your cart now!

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • JimSupport Model X Porta Sling Frame Bag, Handle Detail
    JimSupport Model X Porta Sling Frame Bag

    Sling Frame Bag

    , ,

    A rugged canvas bag that’s perfect for carrying and storing your Model X sling frame.

    Built from pig-tested, heavy-duty components:

    • Premium Heavyweight 12 oz Black Cotton Duck Fabric.
    • Double-Stitched Red Nylon Seat Belt Straps.
    • Black Industrial Luggage Case Zipper.

    Provides handy, discrete transport and storage for your frame, plus lightweight slings and chains. There’s even room for lube and toys!

    Dimensions: 10 inches wide x 41 inches long x 10 inches tall.

    Fits both our Classic and Tall Model X frames.

    Get your bag for only $10 when you purchase it with your frame. Select the “Add A Bag” option on either the Classic or Tall Model X order page.

  • JimSupport 'Ass Master' Cut Out Leather Sling, Hanging View
    Model X Classic Frame and Mega Thrust Cut Out Sling by JimSupport

    Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling

    , ,

    We’ve taken our classic latigo leather sling and plussed it with a hot butt cut-out.

    Your meaty ass is thrust front and center, just like it should be! And your top has total access to the whole thing.

    It’s awesome because:

    • You feel extra piggy.
    • Your man gets a super-hot visual.
    • Your entire butt is available for all kinds of kinky play.
    • Excess lube drops onto the floor instead of slopping up your sling.

    The mega thrust is ultra hot.

    We build our leather slings out of premium butter-soft hides that are unlike anything else out there. They get even better with age, because they personalize—molding to your body’s contours and favorite position.

    • 23 inches wide x 34 inches long.
    • Four D-Rings in each corner.
    • 58 heavy duty rivets.

    It’s our best-selling leather sling!

    Outstanding quality, handcrafted by our own factory pigs.

  • JimSupport Ass Master Cut Out Leather Sling and Frame Combo Kit, Lower Front View
    JimSupport Ass Master Cut Out Leather Sling and Frame Combo Kit, View From Above

    Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling + Frame Kit

    , ,

    Hungry for a night of serious fucking and fisting? Get everything you need in this combo kit featuring our Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling. It’s an instant mobile playroom in a bag! And you’ll save big bucks too.

    Choose either:

    Classic Model X Porta Sling Frame
    Tall Model X Porta Sling Frame

    In addition, you get:

    • Mega Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling
    Matching Leather Stirrups
    Chains and Hooks Package
    Travel/Storage Bag

    Everything packs easily in the bag with room leftover for some lube and a couple toys. Because we make it all ourselves, you’ll get it super fast!

    Save $72 on the kit. (Even more if you upgrade to the Tall Frame.)

    Wanna really trick it out? Customize it with your favorite accessories.

    Read on to learn more, or select your frame size and add the combo to your cart now.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

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