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Drill his hole, not your ceiling.

Jaw-dropping fucking, fisting and even suspension bondage. Anywhere, anytime.

Our all-steel portable sling frames are favorites wherever guys play. And they’re hand built in the USA by real pigs who really use them.

How to Buy:

Select a Style

Choose from our Classic, Tall or Beefy Models. 

Check Out Our Combos

Save money when you buy a complete play kit. Most include a frame, plus a sling, stirrups, chains and a storage bag.

Customize It!

Make your play even more fun with frame accessories that add convenience, functionality and comfort.

Sling Frame Styles

More choices than anybody. Rugged, solid and strong, since 1999.

With three options, there’s a sling frame for everyone.

  • Model X Sling Frame – Classic Size

  • Model X Sling Frame – Tall Size

  • Beefy Sling Frame


Assembles in 5 minutes?

Watch TitanMen Dallas Steele and Mitch Vaughn assemble our Model X frame in only three!

Favorite Purchase

I love my Porta Sling. Its timeless industrial look, no nonsense assembly, cleanup, and teardown, and the the amazing quality make this the best dollar for play purchase I’ve made.


Ten Years!

I love my Porta Sling. It is 10 years old & going strong!!

-Peter F


We set the sling up last night which was easy and fast.  I have to say, your slings are AWESOME!  We’ve never had to use as much lube as we did last night because of how long we were in it (and it was just myself and my partner).  This sling is going to get a lot of use…

Thanks for a great product!

-Steve W

AAAAA+ Rating

I ordered and have used the JimSupport sling frame and nylon sling back when they were first constructed.   I must say it was well worth the expense and I certainly have had many hours of pleasure using the product.

They get the AAAAA+ rating from me and the friends I have accommodated.


Robust Engineering

Our slings come from, which we highly recommend for their robust engineering, ease of assembly and portability. We liked them so much we have two! Plus great service, and lightning fast delivery. You’ll be in yours sooner than Singapore Post takes to deliver the local mail (serious).


Fist Fest's Choice

JimSupport wins hands down! I own 15 of them. A couple of them are over 10 years old and still going strong. I’ve used them for Fist Fest since 2011 and Hell Hole parties since 2008. They have withstood thousands of uses and are as good as new. And because they make everything themselves, if you ever lose a part or something does go wrong, it is easy to get a replacement.

-Larry S

DenLA's Choice

Just got the new sling frames from the awesome dudes at JimSupport. You DenLA dudes are going to have a good ride! Amazing customer support. Quality and the best price too.

Combo Kits

Money-saving play kits, including a frame, sling, stirrups, chains and bag.

  • Canvas Sling + Frame Kit

  • ‘Comfort Master’ Padded Canvas Sling + Frame Kit

  • Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling + Frame Kit

  • Classic Leather Sling + Frame Kit


Sling Frame Accessories

Customize it! Make your frame (and your play) even better with these great add-ons.

  • Sling Frame Mirror

  • Lube and Paper Towel Holder

  • Lube Holder

  • Paper Towel Holder

  • Toy Holder

  • Sling Frame Attachment Bar Accessory

  • Sling Frame Bag

  • Vinyl Pillow

  • Leather Pillow

  • Universal Bondage Restraint Points (Pair)

  • Sling Chain and Carabiners Package

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Floor Cover


Replacement Parts

Lost a piece of your Classic or Tall frame? Replace what’s missing!

  • Porta Sling Complete Upright Post

  • Porta Sling Straight Post Component

  • Porta Sling ‘Neck’ Post Component

  • Model X Stabilizing Connector Crosses



Our frames pop up everywhere! Here’s the latest news about them.

New Sling Frame Instructional Video

New Sling Frame Instructional Video

Our Model X Sling Frames are pig-engineered to assemble quickly and easily every single time. How easy? TitanMen Dallas Steele and Mitch Vaughn dropped by our warehouse the other day to shoot an instructional video. They were able to assemble a frame—and hang a...

Credit: Header photo of our classic frame from Rough Trade, courtesy