Rim Seat Collection

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Love eating ass? Time to chow down.
A beautiful hole, right over your face, waiting to be devoured.

Our Hardcore Rim Seats let your top relax in comfort while you sink into your service.

Found all over the world wherever nasty pigs play. Because men who take their ass play seriously know that they’re the best.

How to Buy:

Select a Style

We offer three creative choices. (More than anybody!) Pick your favorite.

Add Accessories

Our travel bags and pillows help make your rim seat more fun. And if you add a bag when you buy your seat, you’ll save big!

Upgrade Older Models

Buy an extra or replacement toilet seat.

Rim Seat Styles

The original hardcore rim seats for guys obsessed with eating hole. More choices than anybody else.
  • Classic Rim Seat

  • Rim Rocker™

  • Handled T-Leg Rim Seat


Life Changing

Your rim seats changed my life. Keep it up! OINK.


Perfect Rim Chair

I just wanted to say thank you for building the perfect rim chair. I really like that it’s adjustable! I travel with it all the time and have spent many happy hours under it – Thanks!!


Best Seat

It’s the best rim seat available!

-Raw Pig Toilet

Dungeon Treasures

I strongly endorse JimSupport products. I have the T-Leg Rim Seat and the Tall Sling Frame with a sling and mounting-points for restraints. They’re built like a battleship, yet easily disassemble into canvas bags for transportation. They’re dungeon treasures that will last for generations!

-Papa Tony

Rim Seat Accessories

Add convenience and comfort with a travel bag or pillow.
  • Rim Seat Bag

  • Vinyl Pillow


Replacement Parts

Replace your toilet seat.
  • Rim Seat Toilet Seat Replacement



Our rim seats in the press and online.
Credit: Header photo of our Handled T-Leg Rim Seat from Rough Trade, courtesy TitanMen.com.