Rim Seat Profiled in Instigator Magazine

Rim Seat Profiled in Instigator Magazine
July 23, 2015 JimSupport
Instigator Magazine Issue 26 Cover

Our Handled T-Leg Rim Seat is profiled in the Spring, 2015 issue of Instigator Magazine (Issue 26). We’re in the Homo Improvement section!

Check out page 86 for rimming training tips for tops and bottoms and a review. The bottom line: they say our seat is one of the best around!

Instigator is the modern men’s magazine for filthy fetish fucks. It’s awesome and you should be reading it! Get a copy at your favorite store or order one online.

Check Out the Seat!

  • JimSupport Handled T-Leg Rim Seat
    JimSupport T-Leg Rim Seat 1

    Handled T-Leg Rim Seat

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    One of the best Rim Seats around! - Instigator Magazine Masculine, sturdy and adjusts to three heights. Pop the pins for perfect positioning. T-bar support legs stay out of the way so that it's easier to reach other important stuff while you're chowin' on his hole—like his pig nobs or your drippin' dick. Vinyl grabbers let you pull your snout deeper into his crack or help him grind harder onto your face. Only 7 inches high when you break it down, making it easy to stash under the bed when you're done. Handles up to 325 pounds. (Much more weight than the other seats.) Kit it out by adding our custom Canvas Rim Seat Carrier Bag for only $10 more. (Save 60% on the bag when you add it here.) Just say "Add a Bag" and we'll pack one with your order. More details below. Or just stick it in your cart now!

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