Your favorite rim seat has a new pair of legs!

Here at JimSupport we’re always looking for ways to make your favorite pig play equipment better. So we’ve taken our most popular rim seat and replaced the older rounded tube legs with new square tube ones. This has resulted in:

  • Even higher quality;
  • A new, streamlined appearance;
  • Less weight (cheaper shipping for you!);
  • An easier to assemble product.

We’ve also moved the height adjustment snap pins from the front of the seat to its rear. This makes it easier to adjust while you’re sitting upon it.

These may be small changes, but they result in a product that sits even more steady and is even more fun to use.

Check out the new Handled T-Leg Rim Seat today!


We’ve re-engineered our Classic Rim Seat too!

This redesign is even more significant. We’ve put a great new chassis on a classic car.

Our original Classic Rim Seat was the first seat we created and is in more playrooms than just about any rim seat out there. Guys have always loved love its rugged four leg stance. What they didn’t like was that the legs came off when you lifted it up. With this new design, engage the push pins and the legs stay put.

It may be a little thing, but it makes the seat much easier to move around. It’s easier to assemble too. And it remains just as rugged.

If you prefer a four legged rim seat, you’ll love the new JimSupport Classic!