Rim Rocker™

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The only rim seat that rocks. So original we trademarked it! 

Get the seat by itself, or add a Carrier/Storage Bag for only $20 more. (Save $19!)



Key Info

The only rim seat that rocks. And so original we trademarked it!  It’s an amazing ride.

Rock down and grind your ass in his face. Rock up and tease him with your juicy hole. Then smash back down again.

He’ll go crazy! And so will you.

Better and more fun than products with springs because it can’t pinch you.

Only 8″ high when you break it down, making it easy to stash under the bed when you’re done.

Kit it out by adding our custom Canvas Rim Seat Carrier Bag for only 20 bucks more. (Save 50% on the bag when you add it here.) Just say “Add a Bag” and we’ll pack one with your order.

Consider adding a vinyl pillow to your purchase.

Slurp. Lick. Kiss. Spit. Thrust. Dig. Suck. Oink.

Love eating ass? There’s nothing like having a beautiful hole at your disposal. Right over your face, cheeks spread, lips pushin’ out. Just waiting to be devoured by your hungry tongue and mouth.

Our Hardcore Rim Seats let your top relax in total comfort while you sink into your service.

Dedicated. Juicy. Intimate. Ecstatic.

JimSupport Rim Seats are found all over the world wherever pigs play—in sex clubs, on porn shoots, at major kink events, and of course, in the bedrooms and play rooms of thousands of guys like you. Why? Because men who take their ass play seriously know that they’re the best.

Get under a real toilet seat.

Every rim seat has its own genuine heavy-duty black toilet seat, just like the ones in cruisy men's rooms everywhere. It even opens and closes like the real thing.

From underneath, you feel like you’re in your own toilet stall, huntin’ for hole. And when he sits down, his ass is right in your face. The bonus: you’ve got total access to his cock and balls too.

The only rim seat that rocks.

Because Rim Rockers™ really rock, your top can get extra creative—and devious. He can tease you, make you beg, then smush his ass onto your face and keep it there. It's a wild new kind of breath control. Or he can just bounce till you’re both crazy from the sensations. The ride is truly awesome.

Better than springs.

Rim Rockers™ are superior to other bounce-action rim chairs because there are no springs involved. The top is in precise control of the movement. You’re much less likely to get accidentally banged by the seat. And there are no pinch hazards.

Don't worry about your chair. Worry about how much hole you can get!

Chow down, pig.


Even More Features

Hardcore Construction

Made of galvanized metal tubing and other steel components that are welded together by real pigs in our very own factory. We use them ourselves, so we build them tough for a lifetime of serious play.

Heavyweight Capacity

Your seat will carry serious weight—up to 325 pounds—so that you don’t have to worry about the big guys.  Other products break at that kinda poundage!

Easy to Assemble

Assembles tightly and comes apart easily in seconds, without any tools. And no matter how hard you play, the parts always fit together and come apart easily, like quality equipment should.

Portable and Compact

When apart, it stacks into a compact, seven-inch high pile, perfect for tucking away under your bed or in your car to take to a party. You can even add a durable canvas bag for easier storage and transport.

Replaceable Seat

Prefer a different toilet seat? You can switch the one we supply with any other elongated one from your favorite hardware store. We even sell replacements (though you shouldn’t ever need one).

Durable Finish

Our galvanized pipes resist rust naturally, plus the zinc-dipped coating can’t chip or flake off. The variegated finish disguises your greasy paw prints, stands up to any lube and cleans up easily too.

Pig Engineered

Because we’re pigs too, we make products that work for how you play. Ingenuity, durability, portability, physics and economy are all trademarks of our unique design-build process. Read about it here.



  • The only rocking rim seat product. It’s super cool!
  • Sturdy, strong, all-welded steel design.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Vinyl gripper handles.
  • Removable legs.
  • Genuine commercial elongated black toilet seat.
  • Vinyl safety-capped legs.
  • 18 inches wide x 24 inches long.
  • 8 inches high when dissembled.
  • Weighs 15 pounds.
  • Carries 325 pounds.
  • Canvas Storage/Carrier Bag available.

2 reviews for Rim Rocker™

  1. Michael

    I bought your rim rocker a few months ago. My idea of wanting a rim chair came from a fantasy I have with a man I really love. All I can say the real experience far surpassed the fantasy. A hot night for both.

  2. Ezekiel

    I got this a few months back to use with a guy coming to visit me. Really great chair. Perfect height to get a pillow under there for the bottom to be comfortable, really sturdy, which is needed for a big guy like me, and of course the ability to rock definitely made it easier to force my ass down on his face. Awesome product.

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