Hanging Adjustable Fuck Bench With Head Rest

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It’s the hanging version of our versatile Adjustable Fuck-Fist-Spank Bench. And there’s nothing else like it.


Key Info

It’s the hanging version of our versatile Adjustable Fuck-Fist-Spank Bench. And there’s nothing else like it.

We’ve swapped the legs for suspension rings so you can hang it in your sling frame, plus we’ve included our Head Rest.

Raise the center panel to your choice of five different heights (up to 15 inches) for comfortable doggie style plowin’. Or flatten it and insert the head rest to create a rockin’ sling board. Watch the assembly video.

Pads are crafted from plush, three-inch, high-density foam on a plywood base, all upholstered in thick, black, waterproof, marine-grade vinyl. They’re mounted on our fuck-tough welded steel frame, built for a lifetime of pounding.

Dimensions: 28 inches wide x 43 inches long with the center panel up. 28 inches wide x 32 inches long with the center panel flat. Hang it any height that you wish.

Capacity: 400 pounds.

Want the best of both worlds? Purchase a kit with legs and handles to convert it to a standing bench when you wish.

Totally versatile, like most great piggy things. 

When is a fuck bench not just a fuck bench? When it’s an all-in-one, fuck-spank-fist-rim-bondage bench. Seriously hardcore. Seriously versatile. And when it can swing too? Amazing.

You may never need to buy another piece of play equipment again.

Sleep in your bed. Fuck on your bench.

Fucking on a bench is just better. There’s no awkward mattress bouncing. And you’re both positioned just right, perfectly set up to deep-dick.

When you’re on your knees, you’re comfortable, vulnerable and open. His cock's pointed straight up your chute. And when he’s bangin’, you’re not, because you’ve got chains to grab onto instead of a clumsy headboard.

When you’re not fucking, enjoy all-fours fisting, spanking and anything else you can think of.

Wanna flip onto your back?

Unscrew the set peg, flip the center panel and lay it flat in the frame to create a padded sling board.

Hang your head over one end and your ass over the other to get spit roasted.  Or slide in the head rest, throw your legs up and spread ‘em to offer your hole for more handball or a toy attack.

With so many options, it’s like getting a whole playroom in one device.

Thousands of pigs love it. You will too.


Hardcore Construction

Made of thick steel tubing and other metal components that are welded together by real pigs in our very own factory. We use them ourselves, so we build them tough for a lifetime of serious play.

Furniture Quality Upholstery

Our pads are plush, crush-proof and upholstered by true craftsmen in waterproof, puncture-resistant marine vinyl. They support you like fine quality furniture because that’s what they are.

At Home in Your Home

Equally at home in a contemporary apartment or a sleazy dungeon. The exposed welds, raw metal and silver sprayed joints are masculine, industrial and beautiful.

More Play, Less Dough

Our multi-functional bench costs the same or less than most single-purpose playroom devices. If you can choose only one piece of play equipment, this is it.

Easy to Assemble

It only takes a few minutes to set up and hang your new bench. No tools required. And no matter how hard you play, the parts always fit together and come apart easily, like quality equipment should.


Designed for easy storage and reassembly. Fits compactly under the bed or in a closet. Scored some hot hole play on the go? Throw it in your trunk and take it to a buddy’s house or hotel.

Space Saving Design

Hangs easily in our Model X Frame, which needs only four feet by five feet of floor space and six feet of clearance. You can fit it almost anywhere, even a walk-in closet!

Pig Engineered

Because we’re pigs too, we make products that work for how you play. Ingenuity, durability, portability, physics and economy are all trademarks of our unique design-build process. Read about it here.



  • Sturdy, strong, all-welded steel design.
  • 3-inch, high-density, 55-pound, crush-resistant foam pads.
  • Black waterproof marine-grade vinyl upholstery.
  • Adjustable head rest included. Extends up to 6 inches.
  • Center panel adjusts from flat to five heights, up to 15 inches above the base.
  • 28 inches wide x 43 inches long with center panel raised. 32 inches long with center panel flat.
  • Hang at any height, from a frame or your ceiling.
  • Assembles in minutes with no tools.
  • Weighs 50 pounds.
  • Carries 400 pounds.

Customize It!

Easily switches to a standing bench with the legs and handles in our conversion kit (sold separately). With legs, you can attach even more add-ons like our leg holders and bondage restraint points.

1 review for Hanging Adjustable Fuck Bench With Head Rest

  1. Tommy

    My Sir and I have one of these in our play room, hung from chains on hooks on the ceiling. I love it because I can get fisted in my favorite position (all fours) while getting the rocking motion of a sling instead of being stationary on a bed or bench.

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