Beefy Sling Frame

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The super-sized version of our Porta Sling Frame, designed for heavier payloads and serious bondage.


Key Info

The super-sized version of our Porta Sling Frame, designed for heavier payloads and serious bondage.

Taller, wider and deeper. Larger, thicker tubing. Heavier hooks.

It’s the hulk of sling frames!

What’s Different:

  • 80 Inches High x 48 Inches Wide x 63 Inches Long.
  • Larger, 12 Gauge Center Crosses.
  • 5/16 x 3 Inch Hooks.
  • Supports Up to 650 Pounds. (Two Beasts!)
  • Great For All Types of Bondage.
  • Weighs 63 Pounds.

Note: Because of its extra size and weight, this frame does not fit in our sling frame bag.

Shown here with Classic Latigo Leather Sling and “Boots” Style Deluxe Leather Stirrups. Slings, stirrups and accessories sold separately.

A hulking frame for monster play.

Playing ass-out in a sling just makes you feel piggier. And it's way more fun! But what if you can't hang a sling at your place, or you want to be able to move it around? That's what sling frames are for.

In 1999, we set out to invent a hardcore frame that was seriously sturdy, assembled fast, and easily stowed away till the next time you were ready to play. Inspired by scaffolding, construction fencing, and the rugged men who use them, we created the Porta-Sling—the world’s first all-steel sling frame for jaw-dropping fucking, fisting and even suspension bondage.

Today it's the most popular sling frame anywhere.

The Beefy Frame

Despite the Porta-Sling’s success, it wasn’t long before Muscle Dads and other bigger guys began to ask us for something even meatier. So we took our original concept, plussed it, and created something giant and new.

Like our favorite men, the Beefy Frame is bigger, thicker and seriously imposing. It’s super-sized!

The uprights and crossbeams are 1/4 inch wider. The connector crosses and sling hooks are larger and chunkier. Every component is more substantial than (and different from) what we use in our original frames.

Serious Size, Extra Options, Still Portable.

The result is an entirely new frame that’s three inches wider, eight inches taller and six inches deeper than our Classic Model X Frame. You get more room to play, plus 300 extra pounds of carrying capacity. It’s also terrific for standing spread-eagle bondage, which makes your frame even more fun and versatile.

The Beefy Frame is especially great for permanent or semi-permanent installations, yet it still assembles and comes apart in minutes and fits under your bed.

Classic JimSupport Features

Hardcore Construction

Made of galvanized metal tubing and other steel components that are welded together by real pigs in our very own factory. We use our frames ourselves, so we build them tough for a lifetime of serious play.

At Home in Your Home

Equally at home in a contemporary apartment or a sleazy dungeon. The exposed welds, raw metal and silver sprayed joints are masculine, industrial and beautiful.

Easy to Assemble

It only takes five minutes to set up and tear down your new frame. No tools required. And no matter how hard you play, the parts always fit together and come apart easily, like quality equipment should.


Designed for easy storage and reassembly. Keep it up all the time or stow it discreetly under the bed or in a closet. We make the only truly portable frames in the U.S.

Durable Finish

Our galvanized pipes resist rust naturally, plus the zinc-dipped coating can’t chip or flake off. The variegated finish disguises your greasy paw prints, stands up to any lube and cleans up easily too.

Pig Engineered

Because we’re pigs too, we make products that work for how you play. Ingenuity, durability, portability, physics and economy are all trademarks of our unique design-build process. Read about it here.


  • Sturdy, strong, all-welded steel design.
  • Larger Twelve Gauge Stabilizer Cross.
  • Assembles in minutes with no tools.
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel components.
  • Thicker 5/16 x 3 Inch EZ Hang Sling Hooks.
  • Non-skid rubber-tipped legs.
  • 63 inches deep x 48 inches wide x 80 inches high.
  • 37 inches deep x 12 inches wide x 12 inches high when dissembled.
  • Weighs 63 pounds.
  • Carries up to 650 pounds.

Customize It!

All of our sling frame accessories are universal, so they fit our Beefy Frame too. Select mirrors, lube/towel/toy holders and more to create a frame package made just for you.

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  1. Wellbred

    Our slings come from, which we highly recommend for their robust engineering, ease of assembly (12 minutes with only 1 person), and portability. We liked them so much we have 2! Plus great service, and lightning fast delivery, you’ll be in yours sooner than Singapore Post takes to deliver the local mail (serious).

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