We love to play with NightHawk™ nitrile gloves because they’re sexier and more slippery than old-fashioned latex ones. They’re also used by all of our favorite tattoo artists.

Nighthawk gloves are superior to other brands because they’re not made with chemical accelerators. (Those are the harsh ingredients that make older PVC and TPR ass toys burn your butt. Youch!)


  • Nitrile material eliminates allergic reactions to latex
  • Safe with any lube or grease
  • 4 mil thick x 9 1/2 long
  • Long enough to cover wrist area
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Slight / light textured fingertips
  • Difficult to puncture
  • Powder-free

Each box contains 50 gloves.

Get ’em a size smaller than you’d normally wear so that they’re super tight and wrinkle-free.

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