Pig Engineering

Our Design/Build Philosophy and Standards

Guys have always knocked around in their garages trying to build practical ass play equipment. In fact when we started back in 1999, there were tons of funky contraptions around. Most guys put up with them, but almost nobody really liked ‘em.

As kinky artists, engineers and metalworkers, we thought guys like us deserved better. Products that were rugged, sexy, and simple to put together and store away. Real furniture that was stable and easy, so that we could focus on our play, not our stuff.

So we got to work and created our first piece, a sling frame we called the Porta Sling. And guys really liked it! Since then we haven’t stopped, adding more sling frames, slings, frame accessories, rim seats and fuck benches to our lineup.

Because we design, build and use our stuff, we think about it differently than the do-it-all job shops other companies hire to make their products.  We call our design/build process Pig Engineering, and here’s what it’s about:

Design Principles


We build in only what’s necessary to get the functionality you need. We don’t add extra decoration or fussy detail. This makes our equipment simple and beautiful. It fits in anywhere, from ultra-modern lofts to sleazy backroom dungeons.


Our products look like stuff that guys would build. And they stand up to the ways that guys really play.


We think about you on and in our equipment and use your body to make it better. Your weight compacts the joints, making them stiffer and stronger. Your core stabilizes, balances and anchors the device. Your span is just right. You and your furniture become more comfortable and powerful, together.


We create component pieces that make sense, so it’s quick and easy to assemble your furniture each and every time, whether you’ve seen the instructions or not. And you never need tools.


Our furniture is always portable. Leave it up, store it away or take it with you to a party. You shouldn’t have to own a dungeon to play like you do.


Our stuff grows with you. Add accessories to customize it from the start—and add pieces later to change it up down the road.


By stripping out what’s unnecessary, you get a product that both weighs and costs less. And with our scale, we’re able to build you something great for far less than you can home-rig it yourself.


Our stuff can take a pounding and last a long time, just like the you. Most of our very first Porta Sling frames are still in use today.


We never stop looking for ways to make things better. In the past 24 months, every one of our products was improved in some way.

JimSupport Hanging Fuck Bench, Corner Suspension Ring

Built by real pigs. For real pigs.

JimSupport Mirror Attachment Sling Frame Accessory, Overhead View
JimSupport Rim Seat With Handles, Leg Detail

Making great pig play equipment is our passion.
We love helping you indulge in yours.

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