As many of you know, California’s Shelter-In-Place Regulations required us to shut down the JimSupport factory in mid-March. We’re excited to let you know, however, that the phased re-opening of the state allowed us to begin manufacturing again on May 18!

Although we were not allowed to build any new products during the nine weeks that the factory was closed, we could fulfill orders from our existing inventory. Due to your unprecedented enthusiasm, we sold out of virtually every product that we make! It’s been an incredible period and we’re very grateful for your support!

As you might imagine, restocking every JimSupport product is a huge manufacturing challenge. Nonetheless, our great team is excited to take it on!  We’ve strategized and created the following plan for rebuilding our inventory:

JimSupport Manufacturing Timeline

May 18

Production returns.

May 25

Classic and Tall Sling Frames return in limited supply.

June 1

Classic and Tall Sling Frames become generally available.
T-Leg Rim Seats start production.

June 15

T- Leg Rim Seats become available.

June 16

Classic Rim Seats start production.

June 30

Classic Rim Seats become available.

July 1

Sling Frame Accessories start production.

July 15

Sling Frame Accessories become available.

July 16

Rim Rocker Rim Seats start production.

July 30

Rim Rocker Rim Seats become available.

September 15

Fuck Benches start production.

September 21

Adjustable and Hanging Fuck Benches become available.

October 30

Fuck Bench Accessories and Kits become available.

November 1

Beefy Sling Frames start production.

November 15

Beefy Sling Frames become available.

This timeline prioritizes our most popular products. It may change based on the availability of components and other supplies, government intervention and other unforeseen circumstances. Some products may become available earlier than projected, while others may take longer than expected. If significant deviations are expected, we’ll amend this post.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. We’re gratified that you are so eager to order our gear. We can’t wait to get it to you!

Now Hiring Production Assistant

Help us get our products to you even faster! We have a position available on our production team for a motivated, handy, punctual individual. Knowledge of metal shop functions and equipment – such as bench grinders, drills, painting and assembly – is a plus.

Please send your resume to