Welcome to the new JimSupport.com! You loved our re-design four years ago, but we wanted to make things even better! You’ll find the new JimSupport to be darker, sexier and easier to shop.

JimSupport 2.0 is more graphically pleasing and consistent. Key information is right up front, plus your shopping experience is simpler and free of distractions.

We’ve accomplished these goals chiefly by redesigning our site navigation and product pages. Read on to learn about the changes and how to find your way around the new site.

New Navigation


Our new header has been streamlined to include only the information you need most. The main navigation [2] puts our product lines front and center so you can find what you need more quickly. There’s also a quick link to your account—create an account or sign into an existing one by clicking the “Person” icon. Or you can see your shopping cart contents by clicking the “Cart” icon.

Need to return to the home screen? Click the JimSupport logo [1] at any time.



Stuff you’ll use less frequently has been moved to our footer.

Of special note is our powerful new search capability [8]. Look for furniture and accessories by typing queries in the “Products” search bar. Search for other information using the “Articles and More” bar.

Looking for more information about our company and policies? Links to the most important non-shopping pages on our site are found in the footer’s Resources and Shopping sections [9].

The Resources list contains links to more information about our company. The Shopping list contains items that will help you get the most out of your shopping experience. Haven’t shopped with us before? Check out our Shopping Guide.

New Product Pages



Our product pages have seen our biggest re-design!  Here’s a guide to the new page:

[3] Main Product Image. Click to Zoom.

[4] Product Information Center. Detailed information about each product, arranged in tabs to minimize scrolling. There are up to five tabs for each product:

  • Key Info – Basic Information about the product.
  • Details – In-depth Information about the product.
  • Specs – Detailed Product Specifications, including size and weight.
  • Customize – Information about complementary product accessories to help you build a custom package.
  • Reviews – Reviews from actual buyers, plus the chance to leave your own.

[5] Product Gallery. More product images.

[6] Action Gallery. Photos of the product in use, if available.

[7] Related Products. Products often purchased with the featured product.