When Recon needs portable play equipment for it’s famous Full Fetish Euro-style dance and darkroom parties, they call JimSupport!

This year’s Folsom Street Fair event was the official Friday night dance and cruise party. It featured a massive chain link maze play area and we provided three of our Canvas Sling and Frame Kits plus our famous Fuck Bench.

The Recon Team reports that it was a ton of fun!

There were over 700 guys in attendance at Full Fetish and the party had an incredible atmosphere. There was a really great age range, with a lot of fetish newbies in attendance as well as the seasoned pros. Guys kept seeking us out and telling us how much fun they were having, which made all the hard work seem well worthwhile. MF3 provided the perfect soundtrack, and the dance floor saw almost as much action as the play areas.

Photos courtesy Recon.com. See more in the Recon event gallery and on their Instagram page.


After the party, the equipment moved to the street fair where it was sold by our good friends at PaddleDaddy. It must have absorbed a lot of good piggy energy, cuz it blew out fast!

PaddleDaddy makes incredible handcrafted paddles and other BDSM gear. If you’re into spanking, you gotta check out their web site!

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