Classic Rim Seat Featured in Out Magazine’s Body Issue

Aug 15, 2019 | Rim Seats

Out Magazine has featured our newly re-designed Classic Rim Seat in its annual Body Issue (August 2019)!

You’ll find two mentions in the article “Everything You Wanted to Know About the Ass, Butt Were Afraid to Ask.”

On page 77 (left, above), there’s a photo of the rim seat with the caption:

Holy Moley JimSupport’s Classic Rim Seat Comes With Four Adjustable, Rubber Tipped Legs For Ease of Use: Consider it a Unique Way to Diversify your Workout Regimen.

On page 79 (right, above) we get a shoutout in the section entitled “The Hole Haul: Treat Yourself Wih These Ass-ccessories.”

JimSupport’s Classic Rim Seat This lets you perch over you partner for peak pleasure, and also makes a fablous conversation piece for your living room when you aren’t using it—imagine sticking a plant in there!

All jokes aside, we’re always thrilled to get mainstream media recogntion of our products. It shows that there are kinky people everywhere, and that’s never a bad thing!

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