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  • Apr222019

    Redesigned Rim Seats!

    We’ve redesigned your favorite rim seats to make them even better. Check out the new Handled T-Leg and Classic Rim Seats!

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  • Apr052018
    CLAW Poster

    Rent Our Equipment at CLAW!

    Rent sling + frame kits and rim seats at CLAW, one of the United States’ biggest Leather/Kink Conferences for men!

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  • Mar072018
    36 Essential Items for Your First Gay Sex Dungeon

    Two Items Included in The Advocate’s 36 Dungeon Essentials

    Recently Alexander “Beastly” Cheves penned a post for The Advocate entitled “36 Essential Items for Your First Gay Sex Dungeon.” We’re proud two say that two of our products made the list!

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  • Jan052018
    Fuck Bench Video Screen Capture

    New Fuck Bench Assembly Video

    Our buddies at Mr. S Leather have created this new fuck bench assembly video to show you just how easy it is to build our Adjustable Fuck Bench. In four minutes you’ll be ready to play!

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  • Jun072017
    Sling Scene 3

    Titanmen’s “Sling,” Scene 3

    Scene three of Sling, Titanmen’s fictional day in the life of JimSupport, has just been released! Eddy CeeTee, Gear Leather & Fetish store manager, drops in on Liam Knox, a designer at the JimSupport Factory.

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  • May302017
    Sling Scene 2, Featuring Mega-Thrust Cut Out Leather Sling + Frame Kit

    Titanmen’s “Sling,” Scene 2

    Scene two of Sling, Titanmen’s fictional day in the life of JimSupport, has just been released! Tex Davidson plays the Gear Leather & Fetish delivery guy, who drops a sling off at Alex Mecum’s place.

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  • May182017
    TitanMen Sling Video Cover

    A Day in the Life of JimSupport: TitanMen’s New Film “Sling”

    Titanmen’s newest video is a fictional (?) day in the life of our very own JimSupport Factory. See all of our equipment put through its paces by the hottest stars today!

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  • Sep212016
    Sling Frame Assembled

    New Sling Frame Instructional Video

    Learn how fast and easy it is to assemble our Model X frame in this new video.

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  • Sep162016
    JimSupport Fuck Table, View from Above

    Introducing the Fuck Table

    It’s our Adjustable Fuck Bench’s little brother. Just as versatile, but more economical (half off!) for guys who prefer a flat bench.

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  • Jul272016
    JimSupport Classic Sling Frame 12

    New Product Photography from TitanMen

    TitanMen featured our equipment in their latest blockbuster, Rough Trade. In between scenes, they shot sexy new images for our web site. Here’s where to find ’em.

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